Monday, July 30, 2007



Here's a snapshot of Armand Serrano, Paul Lasaine, and myself (pictured from right to left) doing our Surf's Up signing at the San Diego Comic Con.

We got to meet quite a few of animation fans, and were able to sign several posters and books for two hours solid. That's no surprise, since the Comic Con enjoyed record attendance this year -- and sold out the convention center on Saturday. It's a far cry from the first time I went to the San Diego Comic Con in 1987!

Despite being there since the convention opened on Friday at 9:00 AM, I was unable to see the entire show. Regrettably, there was so much that I missed. I'm definitely going to have to book for more than one day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



You are all invited to to stop by the Sony Pictures booth this Friday, July 27, at the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention.

Please stop by and say hello. Paul Lasaine, myself and Armand Serrano (all pictured above) will be there to do a book signing for the Surf's Up making-of book. The Sony booths are located at 4137 and 4419.

(This picture was taken three years ago at a surfing contest while we were doing research for our film.)

Friday, July 20, 2007



Here's another drawing I did for Brother Bear.

I really enjoyed working on this project, and the people at the Disney Florida studio really treated me well. I worked with Producer Chuck Williams, directors Aaron Blaise, Bob Walker, Robh Ruppel and Bob Stanton; they are all top-drawer in my book. They allowed me the time to explore the animals and the world; I felt as though I really got to sink my teeth into the designs.

I didn't know Armand Serrano then, but he also worked on Brother Bear too.

I drew this one on vellum, but for the blog I went ahead and layered it with a colored background and tinted the linework. However, the drawing is untouched. It is as I drew it seven years ago.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Here's one from the Vignali Vaults. I found an old disk with some drawings I did for Disney's Brother Bear.

During this period I was living in Utah and was working as a freelancer for Disney. It was a good time in my life. My daughter was four years old and she would play in my studio as I worked at my drawing board.

Anyhow, I saw this image and remembered how much I enjoyed drawing it, so I thought you all might like to have a look at it. By the way, this was not printed in the making-of book for Brother Bear -- and Disney has the original.

I drew this one one with Prisma Pencil on tracing paper, hence the ripple when I scanned it. The moisture of my hand buckled the paper just a bit.

(Simon Rogers came by and looked over my shoulders and said I was cheating by posting this old stuff. He was just kidding of course, but how fortunate I am to have such talent around me! I have Simon Rogers, Armand Serrano, Noelle Triaureau, Marcos Mateu and Jed Henry -- who's work you can see posted on Blogger -- in the very same building along with me.)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


...'Nuther One

Go to Sketchclub to see the full version.

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