Friday, January 20, 2012



This poor girl was so skinny, she couldn't even fill out those Daisy-Duke shorts she was wearing. Hah, but she was working it, just ask that kid!

Sunday, January 08, 2012



Happy new year everyone, lots of changes!

For starters, I lost my home office space to my daughter. Yes, my office has been boxed up and now resides in the confines of my garage, my former home office has been converted into a bedroom for my teenage daughter. I spent the last week scraping, sanding and painting, and it looks fantastic. She's really happy to finally have her own room.

But, since I've downsized my office, the consolation is that I now have a Cintiq! My office now consists of a small corner in my bedroom with a computer table. Unfortunately, I'm working with Photoshop 7 on a nine year old computer. I'll have to manage to make this work for now.

This is a test I made using my Cintiq.

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