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The other day my daughters were watching Shrek 3D. They were wearing those red and blue 3D glasses, and it gave me an idea. I took one of my old drawings in Photoshop and made it 3D. If you have some of those red and blue 3D glasses at home, you might want to have a look at my 3D mouse and see if it's working for you.

If you decide to make a 3D drawing for yourself, let me know in the comments section and I'll go and check out your 3D drawing. Have fun!


kcirbuk said...


Paco K.

Jeremy Spears said...

Ha, nice man, I am trying to think how can I get 3D glasses or make them. Good idea, I've been diggin all the posts lately!
I went down to LA last weekend to visit a buddy from Cal Arts, I ended up going to Disneyland and saw a piece of art of yours they are selling in the Gallery above Pirates! Totally great, I love going to the gallery, there always showing some great artwork. They had Marc Davis Pirate drawings a couple years! to see those originals!
I bet you saw alot of great Marc Davis pieces at Imagineering. Anyways great stuff, later!


Marcelo Vignali said...


Yep, I've got some artwork in the Disneyland Gallery. However, I heard that one of the drawings for sale there is a very rough sketch that isn't very good. Oh well...ya can't win 'em all.

But, I do remember they were selling some of my drawings that I did for Roger Rabbit's Car-Toon Spin Ride. Those drawings were also production drawings, but were drawn better.

Ah yes, Marc of my personal art Hall of Famers! When I was working at WDI I could go into the Information Research Center (the Disney Imagineering art morgue) and ask to see Marc's work. They would bring out his original drawings!!! I would sit there and marvel at his Pirates or Haunted Mansion sketches and try not to get any drool on them. Perhaps that was one of the best perks the WDI job had...aside from getting into the park for free, and before/after-hours.

Rocco said...
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Rocco said...

I recently did a couple of pages of 3D comics for Nickelodeon Magazine. On my blog I have scans of the
3D Comic Pencils.

Since the separation was done in NY, I tried to indicate some of the depth to the separaters by penciling the foreground elements in blue, and the rest in red. It probably made no real difference, but it made me FEEL like I was working in 3D.

Take care,

Hans said...

Hey Marcelo,

Funny, I was just talking to one of my buddies not too long ago, disgussing whether it was possible to turn one of my environment line drawings into 3D. I just put on my cool 3D glasses and checked your btw awesome character. The effect is there, but I think you should try and switch it up, so that the main part of the character is in black and his right arm with the pipe is the red and blue lines. When I see it through my "magic" glasses, it seems that the right arm is closer than the rest. Definitely a cool idea, I'll have to experiment with that myself:)
Just saw the new trailer for "Monster House" did you work on that? It looks a lot different than other CG movies I've seen and I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole movie.

Take care and have a great day,


Marcelo Vignali said...

Hans, I think you are right. I had a look at my design, and I pulled up some other 3D stuff on the web. I'm going to have to try it again. I still have all the layers.