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By popular request, here's another one. This drawing actually hooks up with the previous one. If you are standing in the living room, and walk past the TV through the door on left, you would enter this kitchen on the right side. I had done a floor plan to make the whole thing work out.

This image is a daytime drawing, as opposed to the last one. I used the daylight pouring in through the kitchen sink window to create a graphic pattern on the walls and counter.


Jeremy Spears said...


What is your process when working out your light logic? Can you just see it all at once, do you use reference? Great!!!!


Hans said...

Just amazing Marcelo! The way you can nail a very specific mood and atmosphere is really admirable. This is definitely afternoon sun breaking through the window, and something tells me it's on a very silent Sunday in early may!:) Please post more, I love studying these.

Take care,


Marcelo Vignali said...


Good question. I work out my lighting in my roughs, then I make the reality and the "light logic" fit my design.

Lighting, like perspective, is strictly mechanical. If you attempt to start from there, you will invariably limit your design opportunities.

I keep a scrap file of different lighting situations to study from, but once you understand the properties and mechanics of light, shadows and bounce light, your imagination should be enough.

Good luck.

Marmax said...

That light from the window looks so cool!

Henry Elmo Bawden said...

Yet another cool image. Keep em coming. It is nice to see someone who does this stuff correctly so that we have some really good examples of what to do rather than a lot of what not to do examples. Good work.


Antonio Santamaria said...

Great enviroments... Really a good work. Congratulations!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful BG design!! love the lighting and style!

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice Marcelo. Great tweaked items and great shape and mapping of the gobo. What can this man not do???