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Introducing PAUL WEE

Paul Wee is a tremedous artist, and he also happens to be one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Paul and I went to art school together, and shared a lot of the same teachers. At one point we even lived together in a really scary part of Los Angeles, heh-heh, I've got a few funny stories about the time we got broken-into, the dead body in the parking lot, and about the earthquake. Ah, the good old days. Paul and started our professional careers in the same studio, and used to carpool into work back in those days.

Fast forward 24 years later, Paul Wee now has a blog. Please stop by and say hello. Just click on Paul Wee to see his blog. I've also linked him on my site.


Shuku said...

...the dead body in the parking lot. I NEED to hear that story sometime, it sounds like the title for a Dorothy Sayers short novella...

New wonderful blog to go look at! Squee! (I did. Ooooh the happy!)


phc said...

awesome work