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Check it out, the Making-Of book for Surf's Up is finally here, and not a moment too soon because the film's release is right around the corner. Coming at you on June 8th!

As some of you may or may not know, I was one of the two art directors for the picture. As art directors, I handled the designs while Ron Lukas managed the color. And, if I may say so, this is one of the best looking films I've had the privilege of working on.

In terms of looks, I think our film is perhaps one of the best-looking CG films since Finding Nemo. Hopefully you'll see for yourself when the film comes out. The story is pretty funny too, and the "reality TV/surfing documentary" approach is a fresh way to present an animated film.

The book has a ton of great looking visual development artwork, featuring artists like "yours truly," Paul Lasaine, Ron Lukas, Armand Serrano, Marcos Mateu, Joty Lam, Noelle Triaureau, Richie Chavez, Sylvain Deboissy. Also, lots of story sketches and CG models and renders.

The people, who put this book together, are the same group that put together the Open Season making-of book. So, that should give you an idea about the quality of this book. Again, like the Open Season book, it's got lots of stickers, pullouts, accordion folds, and post cards.

If you're interested, just click on this Surf's Up link.


Yaxin said...

I'm looking forward to watch the movie

Noah Klocek said...

Great work in this book by the way. Although there is lots of amazing art throughout, it seemed almost every time I was blown-away by a piece you had something to do with it. Really inspirational.

Marcos Mateu said...

"Surf's what"? what cha talking about? What's that? What? what?

AW, I see! "Surf's Up"! A must see guys, seriously!
I can say what I've seen so far of it is definitely of a movie that's fun, different, and well done! (no medium rare here...) and as Marcelo was saying it's one piece we are really proud being part of.

Hope you'll enjoy it too as much as we did working on it!

Tom Kidd said...

I was going to say that I'll pick Surf's Up up but I just put in in my Amazon shopping cart instead. Congratulations on this. I look forward to seeing all the art. The one making-of book you could find me in is "Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery." That movie may have been the last of its kind.

Ken Chandler said...

The trailer looks great. Lookin' forward to the movie, and if the book is anything like the movie I'm sure it will have tons of amazing art. Thanks for the heads up.

Many congrats on making Art Director. I knew you were heading that direction.

John Nevarez said...

Beautiful work and a beautiful book!!!!! Love the designs and concepts you and your great team produced. Can't wait to see the film. Congratulations and look forward to more.

Shuku said...

Let me just get my brain out of the tired puddle it's been in for a week and SQUEAL WITH GLEE. I want that book, I do I do I -do-! And I want to see the movie as well, and given how difficult it is to motivate me into seeing -any- movies, it's amazing, I swear...

They've got the movie posters up for Surf's Up -here- already, and I'm pointing at it with glee and telling -all- my friends, GO SEE IT, some fantastically cool people did art on it who rock my world.

I can't wait. Well, for the movie OR for the book, but the book is going to -have- to wait because I don't think it's coming down this way any time soon...

But I want it! Can't WAIT!


FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome work. I will definitely get this one in my next amazon binge.
Cheers and congrats,


Oliver Kurth said...

I already ordered the book and I'm really anxious to see it. So congratulations to that in advance!

Sadly the movie will not be released until september 27th over here in Germany. But the trailers really look terrific!

(The German title will be "K├Ânige der Wellen" which means "Kings of the Waves".)


Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments and support. I'm not only anxious to see the movie, I'm anxious to see how audience will received it. This isn't a conventional animated film, so there's some trepidation on my part on how well this film will do.

The reason for my trepidation is because it’s shot partly like a surf documentary, part reality TV, and part interview – with a linear storyline running through the entire film. Most little kids won’t see the irony simply because they haven’t seen the context of surf documentaries and reality TV shows. So, for the little one’s, the film will have to hold up as film and not as satire, but older kids and adults will see and appreciate the satirical humor.

My guess is it’s going to be a hit. I think it’s one of the best-animated films to come out in a long time because of its freshness and sincerity. One thing that is without a doubt, Surf’s Up will be one of the finest looking films this summer. Not simply because I was the Art Director, but because we had a tremendous team that worked very hard. I don’t think there’s a person that worked on this film that isn’t proud of the work they did.

I’m planning to post some of the drawings I did for this film that didn’t make it into the book, or instead the painted versions were put into the book in their stead. It might make a nice addendum to the book to have both the pencil version of the painting as well as the drawing.

My goal for this film was for the audience to feel as though they just went on vacation to some South Pacific Island Paradise. For those of you that are going to see the film, “Bon Voyage!”

(Heh-heh, you’ll need a seat belt for the lava tube sequence!)

Anonymous said...
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