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Brother Bear Rough Drawing

Here's a rough from Brother Bear.

When I got the assignment from Disney, they weren't sure I could draw bears! So, they purchased a small block of my freelance time to try me out. They were so excited about what I did for them; I stayed on the project for a year!

Initially, they would tell me what sort of animals they wanted me to draw for them, and I would give them a series of rough drawings using prisma pencil on newsprint paper.

The irony is that whenever I start on a project, I get known for doing that particular work. Hence, if I'm doing backgrounds, they forget that I can draw characters, and vice versa. Some project teams or producers still only remember me as the character-guy, while others still only think of me as being able to do backgrounds. That's why the Brother Bear crew wasn't sure I could draw animals to begin with, because they remembered the background vis/dev work on Mulan.


Mark Behm said...

Heh heh. So comforting to be able to put someone in a little box. Great personality on that bear!

Tom said...

This is great, such life and as mark said, personality. Please publish a book of your drawings someday soon!

BKO said...

It seems like everyone likes to stereotype, producers not the least of us. Unfortunately alot of artists are specialists, not everyone but alot of us. It's nice to see artists that are artists not specialists. I get asked this question alot from art students,..."Should I specialize?!?!" I'm curious what would your answer be??
I love your site and visit often, I don't always have words to express the inspirational work I see from you, so I do not comment, sorry. In short, Your Great!!!

Dave said...

It's cool to be regarded so highly for both! just goes to show your versatility - great drawings :)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks guys.

bko, to answer your question, I'm not a specialist, and it seems to be working for me. However, having said that, I think that's a person choice.

My brain is pretty scattered when it comes to interests; I like to do a little bit of everything. I get really excited about drawing, painting, characters, backgrounds, caricatures, illustration and sculpture. I also like woodworking, sewing, craft stuff and masonry. It's all one big playground for me.

If it necessitates my having to imagine something, and then try to create it, just sign me up!

But, some artists don't like to do more than one thing. To them, it's best they stick to that which they have the enthusiasm for. If they try to do something for which they don't have an interest in, they won't do it as good as the person that does have the interest. Hence, they will only be mediocre at that discipline...and it's not worth it in terms of your time, and your client/audience's.

I would recommend that young artists do as much of everything they can, in order to find out what they like best. Then, if they want to specialize, they'll have a broader spectrum to choose from.

Jason Johnson said...

Marcelo, you are the man. I fiend for the next post. You are one of my biggest inspirations. It'd be an honor if u cruised my blog at More work can be seen at My pal and co-worker Edwin Rosell find you to be about the best in the industry. Keep it up.

Mark McDonnell said...

Well said Marcelo. And on that note, I have been trying to push myself . . .in what little free time I have . . .to learn water color. Did you ever get into that? I really became inspired after the Sargent exhibit and again by looking at Luc's work.

Always nice to see the variety and complexities that you so elegantly simplify, capturing the essence of what ever the subject is. Truly impressive and wonderfully inspiring.

You good.


arzu said...

What a beautiful drawing!