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Introducing Ted Blackman

My good friend Ted Blackman has finally created a blog.

Ted and I go waaay back. When I first started in animation he was already a star talent, but I quickly discovered that Ted was also easy to get along with, versatile, and funny.

Ted was a crack-up to have at the studio, he was always making caricatures of his fellow artists, and drawing funny studio situations -- like when the air conditioner was stuck on FREEZING. He did a cartoon of himself trying to warm himself by using several drawing lamps at his desk.

Ted really opened my eyes about how a cartoonist should see the world. Meeting him had a profound impact on me, thanks Ted!

Please welcome my friend by paying him a visit at Crotchety Comics and leave him a comment.


Belf Homslephslien said...

Hey, I grew up with this guy, yea, he's my bro' and we had the privilege to watch him draw at a young age. You cartoonists do see the world differently and that's a gift! We are so proud, bustin' a tear right now.

Chris Boyd said...

Hilarious hilarious comics. Thanks for sharing.

Ted Blackman said...

Moe, thanks so much for the plug. Didn't expect that at all. I only hope I can live up to your glowing intro. I'm having a ball doing the blog, even to where I'm not getting enough sleep because of working on it, like those days long ago when I was really passionate about art and was clueless to the clock. So thanks again, you are a great friend. -Ted

gaurishankar said...

thank you for your remark,i love the character boog you designed,also i like the look and feel of the movie.

samwilliams said...

Hey Marcelo!

I hope you are doing well. I'm just about to pick up a pass to the CTNX this year in Burbank and was wondering if you expect to be there? It would be great to catch up with you and talk about art.

Great designs on Boog by the way, your bears are untouchable! All the best.

Charles Santoso said...

Thank you for introducing Ted to me, Marcelo. He is really FUNNY!! :D

Look forward to seeing more posts from you :)

j.etienne said...


WingNutz said...

I had the priviledge of having Ted for a roommate during my Senior year at Cal State Long Beach. We only stay in touch infrequently, but every time I say certain phrases, I recall with fondness, the frequency of him saying them. My children grew up with such classics as, "ding-dang-it!" and "shagga-braggin (fill in the blank with whatever I'm complaining about)." I still carry a few originals he gave me from 1983.