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Inspiration for Latest Post

On the last post there was some question to the inspiration to these sketches, I thought I would go ahead and clear things up a bit. The Muppets were the inspiration for these sketches, not Ronald Searle.

I love Searle’s work, but I believe Searle’s work relies heavily on the 2D medium. Nothing wrong with that if you are doing illustrations, but if you’re doing CG animation it can become a stumbling block into a 3D translation.

Having started my career in 2D animation, and now working in CG animation, I've witnessed a learning curve that is taking place with this industry -- and within my own commercial work. I’ve really been learning to appreciate the simplicity of the Muppets for that reason.

There’s another general question regarding “inspiration” versus “copying.” Although I think there is much value in copying when you’re starting out, at this point in my career I think it’s better to learn a lesson and apply the understanding, rather than copy a technique.


Ted Blackman said...

It makes total sense to me. Still can't believe you were questioned in the first place.

tiffannysketchbook said...

you carried yourself with dignity!

Henry Elmo Bawden said...

You still rock. I have always enjoyed your personal design sense that you bring to any style that you approach.


Erika said...

Oh the Muppets! I kind of grew up on the tail end of the Muppets generation...TV was different then, but I think they'll always be classics for their simplicity and screwball humor. Though it didn't come to mind when I saw your last post, I can see a jumping off point now.

samwilliams said...

Not to worry Marcelo, the authenticity of your work is unquestionable. Sorry that you had to be the victim of a bumbling old hack.

Bob Nelson said...

I'm behind you all the way, Marcelo. You've captured very expertly the solidity and appeal of the muppets example while, as always, retaining your originality and artistic integrity. Also, I've been watching some old west themed shows recently like Deadwood & Paint Your Wagon, so these guys coincided nicely with that. Now I've got the muppets doing Deadwood in my mind. There are not enough words for the awesome of that. Thanks Marcelo, you are amazing!