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From the Dusty Vignali Vault

Here's an oldie that's been collecting dust in the Vignali vault!

I think I drew this one for Disney's Atlantis, sometime in 1997. I was splitting my time between Atlantis, and Emperor's New Groove. Only then it was called Kingdom of the Sun.

Just to let everyone know, I'll be at the CTN EXPO! I'll be there November 18-20. Hope to see you there. I'll be posting about it soon.


Mauricio said...

This is great! Thanks for posting behind the scenes artwork - always a pleasure to see!

abhishek singh said...

Emperor's New Groove is one of my fav films, i love the stylization and design in that. not only your work is an artistic treat for the eyes there's an amazing cinematic functionality to it:) have an awesome CTN.

Malgorzata Arska said...

This is amazing :) I applied for your creator conversation during ctnx! Looking forward to meet you !

Will Terrell said...

Are you going to have copies of your sketchbook for sale at CTN? I'm driving out from Texas for the show. I'd love to be able to get one from you.

Daniel said...

This is amazing. I really enjoy your work :)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Mauricio, thanks!

Abhishek, thank you. Trying to incorporate a cinematic-look to my work has been a priority. I'm glad you noticed.

Malgorzata, I hope to see you at CTN.

Will, yes! I'll have copies of my book, and they'll be cheaper than buying them online.

Daniel, thank you.

Ted Blackman said...

Really nice illustration, my friend.
I'm curious, is there a watermark layer over the entire piece or is that an antiquing effect?

Chris Bivins said...

man another event i cant make. im going to have to get a piggy bank for these cons soon.


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...


Charles Santoso said...

Really wonderful, Marcelo. Would love to seeing more artwork from your awesome vault :)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Ted, yes, I dropped in an extra antique layer in Photoshop to make it look like I dragged it out of a vault.

Chris, I'm gonna miss seeing you! Yeah, dig into the piggy bank and get yourself to these conventions, you know they're a tax write-off. Just keep your receipts.

Thanks Charles, I'm working on that vault. More to come after Hotel Transylvania comes out.