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I just did an interview with I'm not bad on a project I did TWENTY YEARS AGO -- and what seems like another lifetime ago.

In 1989 I was hired at Disney Imagineering, and a year later became the lead designer for the Roger Rabbit Car-Toon Spin Ride. (Yes, at one point in my career I was a theme park designer.) The interview covers my work on the ride, and how the Toontown project started.

The photo is of me the year the ride opened up to the public in 1994. Interesting to note, the ride was completed a few months after Toontown opened in 1993, but Disney marketing wanted to sit on the ride and open it up in 1994. It literally just sat there under lock and key. But, since I was a friend of Roger, I was able to get my picture with him. That's me on the left, sporting the Walt Disney 'stache.


Mauricio said...

Very cool! I remember you telling me about your time in themed show design, so it's cool getting to read about it. The stache is cool, you just need a Walt suit to go with it!

Paolo Puggioni said...

aha lovely, this picture is priceless:)

Ted Blackman said...

Boss, de plane! Boss, Boss, de PLANE!!

Okay, I kid.. you don't look at all like Herve Villechaize.

D said...

Nice! As a kid going on rides you don't think about budget or physical constraints in their creation. As an adult making it all work despite these limitations makes the story all the more interesting.

Thanks for the kind comments!

Adam Ford said...

Was just watching Surf's Up with my kids again tonight. I was just thinking over again what a beautiful and great movie that was.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks Mauricio. The 'stache was only short lived.

Thanks Paolo.

Ted, is it the expression, mustache and hair that makes me look like Herve', or is it the conspicuous camera strap across my shoulder that looks like a shoulder holster that conjures the Herve' memories?

Thanks D. Yeah, as a designer, we think about what could have been, but guests only see what is.

Adam, thanks so much. I really enjoyed working on that movie and am really proud about my work on that project. I'm glad your kids liked it too.

Anonymous said...

Really great article!

Don Carson said...

That is a great interview! ~D