Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A Couple Roughs...

While working on the Snow Queen in 2001, I did a variety of various drawings as we were all searching for a style for each of the sequences. In this case, I wanted to create a more naturalistic approach, and then contrast that with a stylized approach when the character falls in love -- hence the stave church in the background, nestled among the trees.

These drawings were looser and rougher than the previous drawing I posted, but drawing this way allowed me to cover more territory quickly. If the directors wanted me to I would work up these sketches into a more polished drawing, but I guess these drawings were sufficient and they remained this way.

All of these drawings were done as freelance work, while I was living and working in St. George, Utah. I would email them to the studio, at a time when emailing a file would take over an hour. It certainly was difficult when I had a lot of sketches I was trying to email in. Sometimes I would start sending files around 8:00pm, and keep sending files until 2:00am! Ah, the good ol' days.

These drawings were drawn in graphite on ledger paper.

incredible man!
I always love seeing your graphic graphite work, Marcelo, thanks for posting!
Love it!
Your graphite work is always my favorite of yours.

these are absolutely gorgeous.
It's awesome being able to see your traditional work. Your work is incredible! Thanks for sharing this.
What great pencil drawings...
For quite a while ,I´m thinking about "going back to the roots"and revisit my old pencil...
It just feels a bit " warmer " than all the digital stuff.
No cheating.

I love the church on the hill. So fluid.
That top one is amazing! Nice idea, having the environs change as the story changed
Man, I hope you teach an online class or something one day. Your shape language kicks butt!
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