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New Sketchclub Post

We had to reschedule our Sketchclub lunch for Tuesday because of some upcoming company plans on Friday. It was a good time sketching, and a fun "mark" for the memory sketch.

One of the first things I do when memorizing the "mark" is try get the initial first impression. What is their attitude and their mood, and what is my impression of their presentation? That's where I start, and then I try to memorize the hairstyle, clothing, shoes ... gesture or funny walk.

Go to Sketchclub.blogspot to see how the drawings compare.



Mark McDonnell said...

Nice Marcelo . . .great fitting design. Long drawn out lanky chacter, a bit mousey with a VERY well handled skirt. Your flow is beautiful, and you trapped the character within it. Impressive work, very inspiring.


Miras said...

Hah! I think I know that girl! I have seen her last week around here...
Very nice character, good job, as always.

Alina Chau said...

very coool character!

Joseph Sapulich said...

This is a great site. You are a very talented artist and designer. Thanks for sharing these images and posts.