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Athsma Monster

Years ago, while working as a freelancer, I did a some design work for a commerical spot. I was contacted by Rhythm and Hues, their client needed a monster that would represent a two fold problem, and two designs. The art director for this project was the very well accomplished Dan Quarnstrom.

First off, I had to design what the monster would look like when it was under control ... tied to a leash. Then, do a version when it was out of control. The monster had to represent both "constriction" and "scratching." This meant the monster would be two headed with four arms. One set of arms to grab and squeeze, and another set of arms to scratch and claw. How I put it together was up to me.

There were several versions I did, including some humorous ones that looked like muppets, but I thought this design was interesting enough to post. This drawing is good example of having all my anatomy and figure drawing experience come in handy.

This drawing was done with graphite on Bienfang Ledger paper.


Jeremy Spears said...


How old were you when you did this?

I've been working on my anatomy skills really hard, I've seen growth, but I can tell it's going to be a long road. I figure if I just keep working at, I'll get better.

Your work is very inspiring to me.


Doron Meir said...

Great drawing - superb anatomy and use of light & shade. Thanks for sharing!

A. Riabovitchev said...

I like the small one.He looks charming. :O)

Jeremy said...

Wow Marcelo, this level of draughtsmanship and care in drawing is extraordinary. The Lilo and Stitch inspirational work is so solid. Beautiful composition and storytelling! If you ever put on a course or workshop, please post the dates. I'd love to attend. Thanks!

Rocco said...

Man, you have definitely got the touch! After hearing Silver talking about how you and he would do memory sketches together, I had to check out your work.

Very Inspiring! Thanks for posting it!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks for all your kind words. I don't have any plans to teach in the immediate future, but maybe this blog will help to cover some of that ground for those of you that are interested in how I put these drawings together.

Animite, to answer your question, I've been figure drawing pretty much since art school. I thought I got a pretty lousy education when I attended art school, so a couple years after I got out I started to attend figure drawing sessions. (Most of them uninstructed.)

I've been attending these types of sessions ever since, without missing a single year. At the most, there were periods where I hadn't drawn the figure for about three months, but for the most part, I've been steady.

I was thirty-seven when I did this particluar drawing, so I had about 13 years of figure drawing under my belt.

I drew the designs with no anatomical reference. It was all out of my head.

Hans said...

Wow Marcelo, these are great and very solid. Would love to see the actual transformation!:D


Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful Marcelo. Great control of values and volume with cast shadows and such. Impressive as always and nice to see all the different things you do.

Also, I think my link under the blog links is a bit off. It goes to somewhere else. Someone wrote on my blogspot to tell me.

I hope all is well and you have a good weekend, should be beautiful.


Chhuy-Ing said...

No way! I just found your blog and it's a huge surprise. Your work is fantastic. I'm a big fan of Lilo & Stitch and your black and white studies are just so marvelous. My eyes are filled with stars :)

martin wittig said...

Marcelo--I only hope to become as good as you one day!:)Always inspiring work.

Alina Chau said...

These are awesome!!

william wray said...

You know your way around a pencil. Jove Wang just explained to me that a good pencil artist starts with soft lead then works toward hard. All these years I never know that, I'm so embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic abilities on this post and through out the entire blog . Anatomy is rock solid on any post with figures . Inspiring . The layout and colour skills are extremely strong also - glad to have had you post on my blog . Very humbling to come here and see such amazing work with incredible skill evident in each artwork . Cheers
Marcelo .