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El Pacifico

You've heard of Sketchclub, now we're trying a new blog altogether ... a pirate blog! Go to,

Marcos Mateu, Armand Serrano and myself are going to play around with the idea of inventing a story as we go along. We're going to try and handle this exercise like a serial comic in a newspaper and see where it leads us. So far, all we've done is post some inspirational/vis-dev sketches. Please come by and have a look.


dibumac said...

That sure looks good !
I'll keep an eye on that "EL PACÍFICO" blog. Sure it will make me happy :)

Hans said...

Wohoooow, a pirate blog!
I'm a huge fan of that era and have studied and read a lot about pirate history. So many great stories and characters, just waiting to be illustrated.

Hans said...

btw, that must be the infamous Black Bart Roberts(left),with one of his crewmen!

ljay said...

what can I say, your work is awsome! I'm new to this blogging thing and am happy to have found your blog. I'll come back often for the inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Henry Elmo Bawden said...

What is it about pirates that attracts so many people? Even I have a ton of pirate images as well as that fun pirate photo shoot that I did with my wife. What inspired you to choose pirates as your subject?

your said...
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Marcelo Vignali said...


I think pirates have always had that romantic allure. I'm not really sure why, but it must appeal to all of us at a very base level. The romantic ideal is the masculine/handsome rogue, the freedom a sailing ship provides, the bold adventure into the uncharted world, romance and TREASURE.

I also think that the pirate era is still mysterious to us, and thus that mysterious void is filled with our own imaginations. That's why the story idea with Marcos and Armand seems interesting to me. Each one of use carries within our minds a distinct and unique vision of what we believe the pirate era was like, and our collaboration will be full of surprises for all three of us.

Come join our pirate ship and see where it takes us!

ShigueS said...

Hello! No words can tell how great are these works. A real inspiration for those who seeks to be a professional illustrator. Congratulations!