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Introducing Armand Serrano


For those of you that don't know about Armand Serrano, he's a talent you might want to get acquainted with. He's certainly one of the best visual development artists I've had the privilage of working with in my 20 years in the business.

You can visit Armand Serrano's new art blog at: or simply click on the link I've provided in my links section.

Here's a little history. Both Armand and I worked together during our time at Disney, but never met. I worked at the California studio, and then as a freelancer when I lived and worked out of Utah, whereas Armand worked at the Florida studio. We are currenty working together here at Sony helping to develop Sony's second CG animated feature, and in the process have become good friends.

Armand's work is amazing and well worth a visit!


St John Street said...

AWESOME LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miras said...

Thanks for link, Marcelo! Armand is just as amazing artist as yourself. I only wish I could strech the time to get it enough to browse through all these great places, and manage to do my work as well. :-(

Kactiguy said...

Great artist. Thanks for the heads up.

Mark McDonnell said...

Looks like birds of a feather . . .


Seth Hippen said...

He is great, isn't he? Both as an artist and as a person, it doesn't take long to realize your dealing with the cream of the crop.

Hans said...

YEEEEES, have been waiting for this blog. Didn't know he was working with you at Sony, wow what a team:) I had actually thought about asking you if you could get him started on the blog thing:) His work is truely amazing. How do I get a job at SONY???:D

Thanks for sharing, I'll go pay him a visit right now:)


Armand Serrano said...

Thanks a lot brother for the kind words. It's definitely a privilege working with you. Being more of layout guy, I always deal with viz dev artworks before executing a layout and your development art always amazes me. Glad to finally meet and work with you in person. And most of all knowing that your also a brother in the faith. Well so much for tapping each others backs...this is my real message: Thanks for free advertisement!

Marcelo Vignali said...

This drawing is actually a collaboration between Armand and I, before we ever knew each other.

Chris and Dean (the directors) had asked me to design a mural that would decorate the outside of the dog pound where Stitch was being held. What they were looking for was a naive mural to decorate the outside of the building.

I had to turn my brain off, shut down all the years of acumilative knowledge, and do something that looked like it was art directed by a school teacher and painted by kids. So, I chose to make it look insanely optimistic, that would contrast the dreary reality of a prison, castration clinic, and death chamber for animals.

It's a hoot to see that it was ARMAND that ultimately had the task of drawing this mural onto the exterior of the building. What a great job.

kcirbuk said...

Great concept!!!
Great artist!!

Paco K.