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Jungle Detail

Here's a close up of the jungle.


Dave said...

Amazing work! Thanks for the detail!

Lena said...

Greetings!Very beautiful classical figures. It is an ideal for all us. Goo-bye.Elena.

Hans said...

Wow Marcelo, it's jaw dropping!!! As always, your work is a huge inspiration to me. Hope all is well and have a very merry Christmas:)


Boris Andreev said...

Marcelo! Thanks for your comment on my blog.
And by the way... Wow...You do speak Russian, don't ya? Or you just did use an online translater :)
Anyways, I was glad to see you on my blog!
And, just in case, that song is about having a good time no matter what, when you love somebody no matter what, when you feel sad, remember what your best friend told you: Let's drink some wine! You know, I love you no matter what!...

Marcelo Vignali said...

Hans, you are alive! It's good to hear from you. When are you going to do some more posting? I look forward to some new posts.

Boris, no, I don't speak Russian, but having an online translator is fantasic. Blogging allows all of us, the world over, to see what each other is doing, and with an online translator, language is no longer a barrier either. I only speak two languages fluently, English and Spanish. My Italian and French are only at a one semester level.

I have a "Monkey song" I invented play for my kids on the ukulele, but my voice isn't nearly as clear as yours, or my ukulele playing as polished.

mariano said...

Your art is so incredible! recently i´ve seen Surf´s up and i bought the art of Open season, your drawings and concepts are wonderful! congratulations.

Si hablas castellano: Tu arte inspira muchisiimo a los que nos dedicamos a la ilustraciĆ³n y al dibujo animado, un abrazo!

vincentbd/Renton said...

Wonderful !!! I love your website ! I'll come each week !! ;)