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Surf's Up Artwork

Here's another drawing for Surf's Up.

During the early development stages of the project, I was given the assignment to design the tropical jungle. It had to look both beautiful and lush.

An attempt was made to create this image using our vis dev 3D crew, but we encountered a bunch of unexpected problems. In doing so, we were able to indentify a lot of problems that would come later on. Although the vis dev model for this image didn't come out as planned, it was invaluable to our crew.

You can see the penguin in three parts of this drawing as he works his way across the drawing from left to right.

The drawing was drawn with prisma pencil on vellum and is aproximately 3 feet long.


Mark McDonnell said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!! Incredible! Great use of shapes and COMPLETE control over tonal relationships. Beautiful Marcelo . . . simply complexly beautiful,


JRtist said...

3 feet long?! WOW. I'm going to also echo what Mark said.

Amazing work, Sir!

Cooked Art said...

Beautiful stuff Marcelo.

Surfs Up is a gorgeous film - I am truly glad to see all the work that went behind it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always! just got recently the "Art of" book in my hands and it is a blast!! Obviously you and the entire team had really fun working on this project! happy holidays!

Bobby Chiu said...

friggin beautiful.

Carlo Lo Raso said...

That is just a fantastic piece of work! I'm curious as to how long it took you to draw that out with all the detail and planning that was required.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Marcelo. Is there a reason you use prisma pencil instead of for instance polychromos? Is there a vellum you prefer above others?

Craig Harris said...

Sooo!! Great shapes, great values. You always do technically amazing things, but the best part is that you always get the feeling and mood you are going for because of your craftsmanship. Always a pleasure seeing a new post from you man.


Philip Dimitriadis said...

Fantastic!!! I love the values and of shapes in this work. A great read from left to right!! Love seeing this development work.(Wish I could of modeled this.) Great stuff!!!

bog_art said...

I had problems to find the three penguins.. haha.. great job!!.. this jungle is wonderful!!..

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks everyone!

Jrtist, I just love big drawings. The longest one I did was a western drawing that measured seven feet across. You can find that in the archive.

Torsten, I'm glad you got a look at the book. It's quite the book.

Carlo, the drawing probably took a couple days to plan, and about a week of rendering.

Allen, actually, there is no real reason I use prisma verses polychromos, other than the fact I got used to working with prisma. Overall, what I like is the fact that prisma is a wax based pencil and doesn't smear easily. Other pencils, like Carbothello, smears too easily and is very delicate. That's fine for gallery artwork, but not for a studio.

Craig, thanks buddy! The mood is the most important aspect. Without it, the best rendering can't save it.

Phillip, thanks! If you notice...I burried the shift in horizon line behind the vine in the middle. Can you see it?

Blog, but can you find the ladybug?

Skid said...

This is so rad...3 feet long too! That's just madness!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking a moment to explain!

martin wittig said...

Marcelo, This is a stunning piece!! I just saw this movie for the second time, and I must say that it was a really GOOD! In my opinion, it was completely underated, and deserved more recognition. Anyway, Beautiful work!!!:)

Todd Oman said...

Now that is an amazing drawing! Best of luck at the Annie Awards.

Rodrigo said...

when i first saw the movie, everybody was amazed with the waves, but i thought the forest was kicking ass. sure the water is wicked, but the jungle has all the style and great mood.
good job!

Shuku said...

PENGUIN! In a forest!

This is beautiful, Marcelo. Tones, shapes,'s just perfect. It gives the lush, dense feel of jungleness so well.

I'm going home Christmas night - and I'm going to watch Surf's Up FINALLY. YAY! Can't wait!

--Shuku's already almost Christmas? Augh!