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Astro Boy in 2003

In 2003, when I had first arrived at Sony Pictures Animation, I was given the assignment of doing some visual development work for Astro Boy. It's hard to believe it's been five years.

Being fans of the original series, it was a dream project for Richie Chavez and I. We created some designs together, and I put together a poster for an inter-corporate mid range planning report. I used one of Richie's small robot designs, and I tried to create a look for Astro Boy himself that was new and different.

Richie and I had also written a treatment for the story that was never seen because the fragile deal with the Tezuka family and Sony corporate unraveled during this same time. The deal with Sony fell apart; for us it was too-little-too-late, and we missed out on a tremendous project.

The project has since moved onto Imagi Animation Studios. Good luck guys! I can't wait to see the film next year.


Jed Henry said...

Marcelo, you've worked on so much cool stuff. Was it going to be a live action film?

Marcos Mateu said...

Love the graphic, comic-booky style of this piece!

Anonymous said...

Nice and graphic !

So everyones back to posting eh??
Guess I'll have to cook something up
and join the gang .

Cheers buddy .

Sim .

martin wittig said...

wow,...i love the look of this!:)

Chris Bivins said...

wow very cool marcelo. it would have been cool to see your guys vision come to life from such a creative team.


Alina Chau said...

I love the design of the illo. Can't wait to see the film too!!

Armand Serrano said...

Cool, Moe. Astro boy could have been fun to work on. I'm sure Imagi is having fun with it. Thanks for posting friend.

Yaxin said...

Waouwwww ^-_____-^
you worked on Astroboy,
one of my dream jobs. :-)

Hans said...

Hi Marcelo,

Looks awesome. I didn't know Astro Boy started out as a SONY project. I'm really looking forward to seeing it too....and not just because my fellow Dane, Jakob Jensen is the animation director:D. I know a lot of really great talent who's been involed in that project and now you as well. It can only be good.

Take care,


A. Riabovitchev said...

I am sure it will be great!:o)

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

awesome astroboy, I love the colors you used.

C.B. Canga said...

really cool. like your work a lot.

David Colman said...

I remember me back...that was 2003!! ugh I now feel old

Carlo Lo Raso said...

That's a great little poster Marcello.
Awesome stuff!


Monkeyfeather said...

GORGEOUS! I would have loved to see your guys final version, if it had been made. LOVED Astroboy growing up.

Jamal O said...


Great graphic desgin, shapes, and color

way too much moxie...


AW-SOME!!! I want to know what you and Richie came up with story wise too. That's great!

voLyle said...

Hey Marcelo! I really enjoyed meeting y'all at the Bagle place (don't wanna divulge a possible hangout or family names) and was truly impressed to see more of your work. I look forward to the possibility of working on something of yours someday, but congratulate you on your talent!


FerdinandKreozot said...

Hah, this looks beautiful.

You are doing some awesome work for some awesome projects.

Cheers to your skill,



Ernest Agullo said...

Grandioso Marcelo! I love your style!

Vladimir Bursańá said...

Nice work Marcelo :o)
Like that graphic style.

AlanS said...

Astro BOY!

Thanks for the info.

BTW...great designs here!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks everyone for your questions, kind words and comments.

Jed, we were planning for it to be an animated film.

Simon, I'm still going to keep posting, but with the appropriate water marks.

Chris, I think it would have been a really fun version of the idea.

Yaxin, it's jobs like that, that really make working in this industry so much fun.

Hans, you and me both. I'm really looking forward to this.

Coh, you're still a kid, it's me who's old! I feel all rickity.

Shane, I'm sure the story we developed will manifest itself into another idea.

I'm glad you all liked the graphic look of this illustration.

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Cool style and approach!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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