Monday, October 29, 2012


A Doodle...

I did a dry brush doodle, and thought this looked very 1970s fashion magazine-like. So, I dropped in some dated color, shapes and type.

Just experimenting.

Beautiful, sir! Btw, congrats again for the beautiful work on Hotel Transylvania :)
Dig it, man!

Very cool juxtaposition or organic line work over the hard geometry. Nice!
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It has that 70's feel! I really like it! I'm looking forward to seeing your booth at the CTN this year I didn't know you were exhibiting! Will you have prints?
Really great. Who was the artist?

This is great. I always say that I enjoy loose pencils and even rough sketches because the feel so much more fluid. Awesome work thanks for sharing!
Beautiful, poised mood, yet glamourous.
Great a bit of a seventies feeling to it!
Your layoutsand designs in Hotel T. were stunning by the way..Congrats!

Pues te ha quedado bien bonita ;)
I love it :) its great to be back on the blog space :)
beautiful strokes :)
Just dropping by to say hello, I was thinking about the help and support you've given me and wanted to pop by and just tell you thanks again.
very beautiful!
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