Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Another Hotel Transylvania Interview

I did an interview for Animated News with Jérémie Noyer. It's a pretty indepth interview with several images from the Making-of Book.

Jérémie is an author, a journalist and a teacher, working and living in the region of Toulon, France. He's written the 20th anniversary book for Disneyland Paris too.

This image never made it to the movie. It was a shrine that Dracula had made to his late wife. We changed it so that this same scene could take place in Dracula's bedroom. I thought the bedroom was a much better choice. The original design had two stained glass windows on either side of the curtains, and only the curtain on the painting was used for the reveal.

It was later replaced with this image which took place in the dark, and Dracula was only using the candles like a flashlight to illuminate spots in the room. We were using both the light and the curtain on the painting as a reveal. You'll note that the painting in this frame was only a temporary painting while we were working on the original.

Great work on the film Marcelo!
Lovely!Why is image so small Marcelo?:O)
hey Vignali, Jérémie will publish this interview online? Keep posting, I'm glad to see this images from Hotel Transylvania. I'm interested in learn about your references (horror movies) to do this work, Can you talk about it?
Gosh, I still haven't seen this movie. What's wrong with me? It looks great.
Really a great work...I'm waiting to see the movie...but meanwhile I got the artbook!!!
waiting for this film to release here, looks fantastic:) brilliant work Marcelo
I LOVE THE FILM! and I was so excited to follow up with your designs here :)
My friend they are indeed lovely.

Keep inspiring.
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