Monday, October 01, 2012


Made in Hollywood episode with me

Made in Hollywood also did a segment on me! Check out this episode with me. You'll also see my office, and some of my hand-drawn/painted artwork -- along with some tips on how I work.

And, as an added bonus, a sneak peak into my sketchbook.

Congratulations, Marcelo! It was cool seeing into your process. so thanks for sharing with us. And congrats on the movie too. Can't wait to see it! Saludos, amigo!
Congrats Marcelo!!!
Great interview Marcelo. You looked really comfortable in front of the camera. If that 'art thing' doesn't work out for you, you've always got a career in broadcasting.
That was a really great interview! I really want to see this movie.
You can really tell you're probably a fantastic teacher as well!
Thanks guys!
Great segment! love seeing your art as well as hearing a little bit more about how you work. :)
Yeah, I saw this posted on facebook (courtesy of my friend Betsy Bauer) and watched it! Absolutely loved it! I was a Production Designer on a student film when I was at Ringling, and it's just sooo cool seeing someone totally doing that as a living in the industry! Very awesome!!
congratulations :) . i haven't still seen the movie , but have heard lot about it from friends and kins and ofcourse from ur blog. thanks for the sketchbook part.:D
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