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I have posted at Sketchclub

That's right, go to Sketchclub and check out my lastest memory drawing.

As an added bonus, Jeremy Spears drove all the way from San Luis Obispo to come and draw with us at Sketchclub. He's a terrific cartoonist, so if you haven't seen his work, I recommend checking out Jeremy's blog site. So far both of us have posted at Sketchclub, so go and have a look!


cdeboda said...

Gotta love those memory sketches. Pretty cool seeing everyone's different take on the subject.

Shuku said...

She looks like someone I'd have hung out with in college! (Ok so I was an unrepentant weirdo.)

flipstudios said...

everything you touch is beautiful. that figure drawing is breath taking. i'm sorry about all the tragedy for you lately. take care

Anonymous said...
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