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Yet Another Figure Drawing

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I've had a lot going on.

Today, as I was driving home, my wife called me to tell me that we had a fire in our home. Oof, what a mess. There wasn't much fire damage, but lots of water and smoke damage.

I'll try and post something else when I get a chance. For now, I'll just post this figure drawing. This was probably no more than five mintues.


andy said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the damage to your house Marcelo, I hope it wasn't too serious :(

As always, you've captured a beautiful figure drawing here with such confidence and directness, love it!

Hans said...

Hey Marcelo,

I'm sorry to hear about the fire. What an unpleasant call to get on your way home, I'm sure that'll put the metal to the pedal! Glad to hear noone got hurt though and hope it didn't get to any of your precious artwork.

Well, not even fire could keep you from posting. Your figure drawings are gold:) Very nice strong pose and beautiful confident lines.

Btw, thanks for letting me know about the "visual development pencil" search in google!:D I have no idea how I ended up there, but I'm not complaining;)

Take care and good luck cleaning up the mess.


S.T. Lewis said...

A fire? What a nightmare. I hope everything and everyone's okay. This is a beatiful drawing. I wish I could do that in five minutes... I'd even settle for five days if that was the result.

Marcos Mateu said...

Sounds like everybody is fine and the amount of damage 'reasonable'. Still, fire at home is a scary thing.

Anyway, great drawing Mo!

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful Marcelo, in so many ways. Great mood, technique, and framing. Nice sketch man. And I'm really sorry to hear about the house. My regards,


craig said...

Sorry to hear about the fire. Yikes. Great post,wonderful line,pose.

Cesare Asaro said...

Sorry to hear about the fire…Headaches are the last things one wants on the way back from work. But at least no serious damage was done and everyone is ok.

5min, for that drawing! I can only get the gesture and the volumes down in that time, and that if I’m lucky.

Nice work!


PS love your work in the Open Season book

Roland Mechael said...

Sorry to hear about the fire damage...

great drawing, masterwork!

Jedulous said...

I'm glad your wife is okay! and man, i'm just gonna stare at this figure drawing for a while and try to glean your talent. Thanks for being a light for me, and lots of other people out there!


kcirbuk said...


Paco K.

martin wittig said...

Hope that there wasn't too much damage from that fire...especially with all your wonderful works around!! Beautiful work on this sketch!--I also just picked up a copy of Open Season--the book, and wanted to say that I LOVE your work.

Marcelo Vignali said...

After putting in a full day at work, I came home to a small disaster that I had to clean up. Around 11:00pm, I was exhausted, so I sat in front of the computer to check my mail, and took the fortuitous occasion to put up a post of a drawing I had already scanned a while back.

I'm glad you all liked it. I'm going to post a picture of the dryer next.