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I feel so guilty, I haven't posted since January! Sorry about that everyone.

I drew this one way back when I was working for Disney's Lilo & Stitch back in 1999. I did several drawings for the project where I just took my pencil and my imagination, and wandered around Lilo's town trying to imagine the world from her point of view. I did a aerial shot of her town with a gas station at the entrance. So, this drawing represented Lilo's perspective on the gas station.

I figured she would have the town all scoped out from her sense of priorities. Here, the gumball machine and drinking fountain were the subject of focus. Each one framed in shadow, with the lighted areas blown out. Look at the graphic shape of the light against the counter, notice how I was able to isolate both props, while directing the eye on both items at the same time. I let the light touch the foot of the gumball machine and the corner of the water fountain to hold our focus.

I think it also helped that my dad used to run an auto bodyshop. I used to work there during the summers -- and carried the scent of motor oil in my hair and skin, even after I showered. Even today, when I smell an auto shop, it immediately takes me back. I didn't come from an art family, and THIS was my background growing up.