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When to Choose Graphite or Wax Pencil?

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I'm opening up the Vignali Vault once more.
I don't think this image has ever been printed in any book or posted on anything since I drew this 20 years ago for Disney's Kingdom of the Sun. You are the first to see this image in over two decades.

This was the early development work for Roger Allers' version of the film that would later become The Emperor's New Groove. The story was considerably different, in this scene Pacha sneaks into the palace to retrieve his llama that has been taken by Prince Manco.

This is a graphite pencil drawing. I would vary between wax based pencils and graphite depending upon the level of detail or atmosphere I needed to capture in a drawing. If I needed more detail, I used graphite. If I needed more atmosphere, I used a wax pencil.

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