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Hotel Transylvania 2 Artwork

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Here are a series of visual development paintings I did for Hotel Transylvania 2. Although I'm not listed in the credits, I did do some work for HT2 in the early development stages. In this assignment, we were exploring the world of Johnny's parents, still trying to figure out how to keep the look for this new location consistent in the same HT style.

I thought I would play up the contrast between the Romanesque castle architecture with no windows, to the modern glass wall architecture. What would be worse for a vampire than a glass house?

Poor Dracula, just when he thought he was going to get a little shut eye. What could be more horrifying to a vampire than the morning light?
In this image we can see the hearse driving through the Napa valley. A subliminal cross peaks out over the treetops to torment Dracula.

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