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Why Use Stylization in Animation?

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I just posted an article on my Art Page to answer the question, "Why use stylization in animation?" This is a follow up to the Tumblr article I posted a few days earlier.

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The Original Art Postcard Game

I've just uploaded my latest video on my Youtube Channel on The Postcard Game. 

The postcard game is game where you trade artwork with your artist friends.

Look at this gorgeous watercolor postcard I received several years ago from my friend Paul Felix...sent to me FROM AFRICA! The Disney Studio sent Paul all the way to Kenya to do research for their upcoming film at the time, TARZAN, and he was taken by guides to a remote mountain where he was able to observe Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat!

I'm including the back of this postcard so that you can see it has the actual postage stamps from Kenya! Sent to me, while I was at the Disney studio in Burbank working on Mulan.
Come check out my video on Youtube!