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Water Color Figure

First I'd like to apologize for the intrusive watermark/copyright. As you can see, I'm concerned that our artworks may be detached from our copyright, and become "orphaned." So, I'm adding my signature in a manner that can be removed by the "dedicated," but not by someone trying to quickly do it.

Moving on, this is a watercolor I did a while back. I was drawing these drawings in my sketchbook using charcoal, and then hastily adding some watercolor. For the most part, this was probably a five minute sketch, so I would draw out a gesture drawing as quick as I could, and use the remainder of the time to add the color.


The Prodigal Pumpkin Boy Returns

Several years ago we purchased this pumpkin scarecrow decoration for our home. It was a huge hit with my youngest daughter, she dubbed him "Pumpkin Boy."

Sadly, we lost "Pumpkin Boy" when the sewage in the home we were renting backed up and flooded our home. (Apparently a tree root had managed to get inside the pipe, and when a toilet was left running, it eventually backed up and flooded our bedroom.) Poor "Pumpkin Boy" was hiding in the closet, and absorbed all the water like a sponge. We had to toss out a lot of things, shoes, clothing and anything else that was contaminated. It was a mess -- I even lost a sketchbook I kept under my bed that I would use to draw my dreams, or other moments of inspiration.

The next year, "Pumpkin Boy" didn't return, and my daughter was distraught that "Pumpkin Boy" had forgotten her. She made the declaration, "He was probably busy, but I know he'll come back next year." What was I to do? I tried in vain to look for this decoration, but alas it was not to be.

Fellow blogger and friend Shuku had offered to help me make one, and she sent me some patterns to make the pumpkin shape. I bought a different scarecrow decoration of about the approximate size and removed the head -- then, stitch by stitch I hand sewed Pumpkin Boy's head -- trying my best to match the original, thus bringing him back from the abyss.

The day before Halloween last year, my daughter discovered "Pumpkin Boy" hiding in the bushes at night.

This year, "Pumpkin Boy" returned once more during our full moon, so I thought I would post a picture of the original "Pumpkin Boy", and the new "Pumpkin Boy." This picture was taken last year, right after she discovered "Pumpkin Boy" hiding in the bushes and we brought him inside.


Orphan Works Dead On Arrival

Thanks to all of you that wrote letters and contacted your congress persons. I believe it made the difference.

Shame on Senators Leahy and Hatch for trying to sneak this by. Write them a letter and let them know how you feel.