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As some of you may or may not know, but I had a serious spinal operation on December 11th of 2009. I'm recovering well now, and am looking forward to 2010. As it is I spent a month a way from work trying to build up my strength and heal, and am only now returning to the office.

I had quite a bit of hardware surgically implanted into my back. In total I have seven screws, one titanium plate, cadaver bone, and two titanium rods. Suffice it to say, I was laid out on my back during Christmas and New Year. I did some sketching, and I drew this chap on New Year, imagining those days of yesteryear when men would dress up in Tuxedos to welcome the new year with lots of pomp. Why? I have no idea, it was just fun. I almost filled an entire sketchbook with lots of doodles.

I also got to spend quite a bit of time with my family, which was a tremendous blessing.

Happy New Year everyone!!!