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I found a great place to do figure drawing...

My buddy Israel Martinez has set up a drawing studio inside Graphaids in Westchester. It's uninstructed, so you just show up and draw.

Manchester Space
7280 Manchester Blvd
Westchester, CA 90045
Thursdays 7pm-10pm
Israel Martinez 310/702-7163

I drew this image in my usual magic marker, but then used photoshop to place it over this aged paper. I think this was a five minute sketch.




I've been invited to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Canada this weekend. So, if you're in the area, or are making the trip, please come by and say hello.

I'll be at the Expo talking about animation related topics, such as Creating a Portfolio, on Saturday April 24th. And then on Sunday, April 25th, I'll be talking about Character Design for Animation.

Most of all, I'll be walking around enjoying the Expo and meeting all of you.


The Amazing PAUL WEE

My longtime friend Paul Wee saw my drawing of Hellboy -- and was inspired enough to do an ink and color. I just had to post it.

Both Paul and I went to art school together, and it was he who turned me onto Mike Mignola. We started collecting a comic book title called Rocket Racoon waaay back in the day, and were impressed by Mignola's design sense -- even before Mignola discovered his distinctive graphic design look that he is now famous for.

Paul is an amazing talent, and he's teaching again after a four year hiatus. If you have a minute, go check out his blog.


Sketchclub at the DOG PARK

On special request I'm posting the sketches from last week's Sketchclub outing.

We went to the dog park in Culver City last week, where the Sketchclub crew laid down a flurry of dog sketches. Kendra really enjoyed my dog page and requested that I go ahead and post it. I hardly ever post my sketches, but on special request here it is in all its glory -- uncut and uncensored -- right out of my sketchbook.

I'm also adding a couple of the sketches blown up so you can see them in a little more detail. I really had fun drawing these little dogs more so than the big ones.

There was the little mean walleyed dog that wanted to pick a fight with all the dogs coming to the park.

And, a small skittish dog that looked like a Weasel.

If you are interested in seeing the "mark" for that day, go to Sketchclub.