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Marker on Newsprint

I know that several of you have asked that I post some of my figure drawings. Here's a different approach than you are probably NOT used to seeing. I've tossed aside the anatomy, and am playing around with shape and design.

I think figure drawing is vital to any good designer. However, I think I need to preface that with this caveat. If you learn to draw what you see, you will be no different than a camera -- I think it is more important to design what you see.

I've studied the anatomy quite extensively, but knowing where the muscles are doesn't make a good drawing. Capturing character, personality and the essence of life is more important than making sure the sternocleidomastoideus has two insertions at the clavical (unless you are drawing medical diagrams).

I've seen some artists come to figure drawing classes with expensive paper, and drawing equipment -- they practically sign their drawings before the start. But, I think it is much move valuable for us to use these classes to learn, practice and experiment. I try to draw on the worst crap, so that I don't fool myself into believing I have to do a good job in order to not waste the materials.

Figure drawing classes should be where we allow ourselves to take chances.


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Women in Art, by Philip Scott Johnson.