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COLMAN on your iPod


My good friend David Colman has also put together an iPod App! If you are unfamiliar with Coh's work, you're in for a treat. Best known for his animal character design book, this exclusive App provides a drawing collection of both animals and people. The best thing about this new technology, if you have an iPhone or iTouch, it's all right there at your fingertips.

What's really cool is that David has included a step-by-step "how to" tutorial section where he shows how he does his watercolor field sketches.

Once again, thanks to Bobby Chiu, you can find this App book at:


SKETCHCLUB on your iPod!

The official Marcelo Vignali, SKETCHCLUB, sketchbook is now available as an iPhone/iTouch app. For those of you that have always wanted a peek at my sketchbook to see how I handle the subject of characters, here's your chance.

With this convenient format you can load it up and take it anywhere -- especially when you go sketching. For those that have always wanted to go sketching with our Sketchclub, but live too far away to join us, this is the next best thing because you can load up your iPod with this app and take me with you. These are not studio sketches, these are field sketches. The images in this app were originally drawn from life with a pen, a brush and marker.

Thanks to Bobby Chiu, you can find my book at: This is the first time my work has been available outside of Disney or Sony making-of books. For only $2.99, you get 30 images from my sketchbook -- that's less than .10¢ per page. I can't imagine a more affordable, or convenient, way to offer this book.

I hope you enjoy it.