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Hawaiian Hula Girl

I just got back from a vacation trip to Hawaii with my family. No doubt it was the inspiration for this image. What a beautiful island paradise. The hula is an amazing dance: it really is hypnotic. The swaying of the grass skirts and fluid motions of the body look very much like the swaying palm trees and ocean waves. Really relaxing.

I had been to Kauai on a photo research trip many years ago, Disney sent a group of us doing visual development for Lilo & Stitch. But, this was the first time I was able to vacation in Hawaii.


"Girls and Flowers" Part II

Here's another sketch along the lines of  the last post.

Again, there is no reference used for these images, personally I think that's part of the charm. Sometimes too much reference adds too much information that becomes distracting. However, when we draw from our imaginations we only draw those things which are relevant to the mood or the point we wish to get across to the viewer.