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The Art of Heinrich Kley

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 I'll never forget the first time I saw Heinrich Kley's artwork, the exhilaration I felt was like life itself was being decoded before my eyes. I bought his books and poured over them; copying them in the hopes that in my blind attempt to imitate the work -- simply by osmosis -- I would begin to understand. Sadly, that was not the case, and Kley's work continued to remain a mystery to me.

So, I made copies of Heinrich Kley's artwork and pinned them over my desk. I kept these drawings as a reminder of what it meant to be in charge of one's own craft. For decades these drawing were like a lamp of light, illuminating my path. 

However, it was only decades later that I began to unravel the mysteries of Heinrich Kley's work. And now, I have the pleasure of sharing with you my knowledge and understanding of this beautiful artwork. So, join me @Gumroad: Into the Design Lab - Heinrich Kley

I give a short bio of Heinrich Kley, and then take an analytical look at the drawings of Heinrich Kley. And finally reveal the mystery behind these enigmatic drawings. We'll look at the gesture, balance, silhouette, overlap, structure, animation and echo.

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Into the Design Lab: Frank Frazetta 1 thru 5

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I've put together a series called Into the Design Lab, it's an artist retrospective, an analysis and a design dissection that reveals the compositional tricks and storytelling tips by successful artists.

In this five part series, I'm dissecting the works of the award winning comic book artist and science fiction illustrator, Frank Frazetta. Have you ever wondered how Frank Frazetta was able to create such compelling images? Why does his work looks different than everyone else's? I've gone ahead and broken down the lesson into five videos.

Part One: A quick biography for those that aren't familiar with his work. And an in depth look at the transition from ink to paint. How the directional strokes in Frazetta's comic book inking influenced his painterly illustration style... and his compositions. This is fundamental to understanding his work.

Part Two: I'll break down and analyze Frazetta’s use of layers, depth, color, framing, compositional elements. Even how his comic book experience in color taught him the importance of attention, and shocking the audience.

Part Three: We'll study Frazetta’s roughs. This was the blueprint for his illustrations, and how he stuck to the plan all the way through the final. This eye opening presentation will change the way you think about this often neglected stage of planning. You’ll see a direct translation from rough drawing to final and see how Frank’s conceptualization never changes.

Part Four: We’ll study Frazetta’s compositions by breaking them down into silhouettes, study their structural arrangement and design, the importance of overlap, value, and one of the most unique and powerful storytelling devices, Frazetta's use of animation as a means of storytelling.

Part Five: We complete this series with a final study on Frank Frazetta’s use of Dynamic Compositions, dynamic perspective and overlap. This is the signature aspect of Frazetta's work, he drags us into his compositions like no one else. We’ll also look at other complex staging devices using shape to tell a more powerful story. And, wrap it all up with retrospective look at the Frazetta legacy. 

Each lesson is priced at ONLY $5! I've priced this low so that everyone across the world would have access to this knowledge. I want to make a difference in your life, I want to make a difference in this world, and I want to make the world a more beautiful place with your art. Join me on @Gumroad:

Next ITDL episode will be on the works of Heinrich Kley.

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Into the Design Lab, with Marcelo Vignali -- FREE SAMPLE!

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Great artists throughout the ages have left their art lessons encoded in their works. In this series I deconstruct the artwork to find the compositional, story, and structural devices... as well as reverse engineer the thinking involved in creating their magnificent art.

 You don't know what you don't know, so it's hard to imagine what you're not aware of, so I've posted a free video lesson on Youtube to show you what you've been missing. It's a short 10 mins excerpt from one of the upcoming lessons, Into the Design Lab: featuring the work of Frank Frazetta

I want folks to know what they're getting in this series -- it will blow your mind. Into the Design Lab -- a Gumroad PREVIEW  It's an academic dissection of history's most indelible artwork. And it's free!

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