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The Art of Heinrich Kley

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 I'll never forget the first time I saw Heinrich Kley's artwork, the exhilaration I felt was like life itself was being decoded before my eyes. I bought his books and poured over them; copying them in the hopes that in my blind attempt to imitate the work -- simply by osmosis -- I would begin to understand. Sadly, that was not the case, and Kley's work continued to remain a mystery to me.

So, I made copies of Heinrich Kley's artwork and pinned them over my desk. I kept these drawings as a reminder of what it meant to be in charge of one's own craft. For decades these drawing were like a lamp of light, illuminating my path. 

However, it was only decades later that I began to unravel the mysteries of Heinrich Kley's work. And now, I have the pleasure of sharing with you my knowledge and understanding of this beautiful artwork. So, join me @Gumroad: Into the Design Lab - Heinrich Kley

I give a short bio of Heinrich Kley, and then take an analytical look at the drawings of Heinrich Kley. And finally reveal the mystery behind these enigmatic drawings. We'll look at the gesture, balance, silhouette, overlap, structure, animation and echo.

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