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Here's another posting for Sketchclub!

Here's just a teaser snippet, so that you'll visit the site if you want to see the entire image.


Three Minute Sketches

Here's a page of three minute sketches.

I like to group my three minute sketches all together on the same page for several reasons. The first reason, I'm cheap! I can't stand the thought of using a full sheet of 18x24 paper for a 3 minute sketch.

The second reason was a happy discovery. As I grouped my sketches on the same page, I started to make quick on-the-spot choices about placement. So, not only was I working on my gestures, construction and anatomy, but also my composition skills. I don't have a good example of it in this drawing, but I also like to overlap my drawings, and sometimes with different colored media.


Here's Another Figure Drawing...

This was a five minute sketch, drawn with charcoal on newsprint. I Photoshopped the toned paper to keep it from being stark white, but the drawing is as I drew it.


Bear Design

Here's a bear design I did for Brother Bear. I was trying to thread the line between realism and caricature in an attempt to give the bear a personality we could relate to.


Marcos Mateu

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Marcos is one of the most talented people I've ever had the great fortune of working with. His skill and design sense for composition and drama are at the very best in the industry. I've never met his equal! Marcos has the style and confidence of the best European comic book artists, and the flair of a virtuoso...and he's a great guy to have around the studio.

Unfortunately for me, and even more unfortunate for Sony, Marcos is leaving Sony for a better deal at Dreamworks. I would like to wish my good friend lots of luck and continued success. YO...respeck!

Go to: Marcos Mateu

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