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A Sketchbook Peek

Here's a new sketch from my sketchbook. It's similar to the sketches I have on my Sketchclub app.

For those interested, I don't have a sketchbook for sale, but I do have my Sketchclub app, it's pretty affordable at $2.99

This particular sketch isn't on the Sketchclub app -- since it's new. But, it's similar to the ones in my app. Maybe it will make it into a Volume Two?


Captain N: Game Master - Wombat Man

I was talking to my daughter about marsupials and she mentioned wombats. I told her that in 1988 I designed a wombat character for an animated TV show for DIC Entertainment -- looked it up on Youtube...and there it was! I designed Wombat Man and the love interest in this clip.

I was the lead character designer for this show, having designed many of the main characters. Although, I only worked on it for the first season. As was customary back then they would lay everyone off after the productions ended their season, and in-between seasons I landed a job with Disney.

My friend Fil Barlow also did some of the main characters as well. He was instrumental in getting the contract from Nintendo with his humorous character designs, the difference being the show was going to be about a Paper Boy. Back then there was a video game that featured a paper boy delivering papers, and the Paper Boy was going to be the lead character for the show. Somewhere along the line the Paper Boy idea was dropped and Kevin, as Captain Nintendo, was born. Fil was living in Australia at the time and wasn't around during production as he was with Alf and Alf Tales.

Funny thing, I remember Mike Maliani, our executive producer, came by with photos of child actors to play the part of Kevin Keene. I shuffled around the pictures and settled on Dorian Barag. I don't know if I helped his career or sunk it!

Once the show went in production I worked with character designers Ed Lee and Mike Goguen.

Sadly, the character Wombat Man was only featured here as the character Simon Belmont was switching TV channels. One of the production coordinators named Kurt Weldon did the voice for Wombat Man.