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Just Doodlin' in Photoshop

I was just doing a little exploration, with no particular direction in mind. However, I used to work with *Zipitone way back when, and thought I would try to emulate the look with Photoshop.

*I'm not sure a lot of you know what Zipitone is/was. Back in the day, the printing process was separated using mechanicals. Depending upon the quality of the paper, you had a different "line screen." Zipitone was a sticky backed acetate that had little dots printed on it; it came in different line screens so artists could prepare their mechanicals accordingly. The sheets of dots came in different values, so after you did your drawing, you could lay down the Zipitone and cut out the value where you needed it.


Another Surf's Up Exclusive Drawing

In coming up with the look for Surf's Up competition beach during the visual develoment phase of the project, I wanted to create something audiences hadn't seen before in a film. I used the Islands of Seychelles, with its white sand beaches and sandstone boulders, as the inspiration for our beach.

Here's a shot from Seychelles. This choice afforded me the opportunity to use the large boulders as our judges booth, and really frame our sandy beaches in a way we've never seen. But, even still, I was looking for something more iconic for our island, something that could evoke both history, and I dropped in some "Easter Island" looking stone penguins in the background.

I also used smaller rocks to frame the competion beach's bleacher area in a natural looking terrace. The final design was modified a little to fit the story, but the end result is more or less the same. I had a look at our film during the premiere, and I'm really pleased with the final looks spectacular on the big screen.