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Just Doodlin' in Photoshop

I was just doing a little exploration, with no particular direction in mind. However, I used to work with *Zipitone way back when, and thought I would try to emulate the look with Photoshop.

*I'm not sure a lot of you know what Zipitone is/was. Back in the day, the printing process was separated using mechanicals. Depending upon the quality of the paper, you had a different "line screen." Zipitone was a sticky backed acetate that had little dots printed on it; it came in different line screens so artists could prepare their mechanicals accordingly. The sheets of dots came in different values, so after you did your drawing, you could lay down the Zipitone and cut out the value where you needed it.


Anonymous said...

Very cool Marcelo. We had a teacher in college that made us go through all the traditional methods of graphic design and print. It was a great class. The technical craft of everything we do has been altered drastically by the computer.

Have a great sketchclub tomorrow...wish I could be there.


Marcelo Vignali said...

I hope yer havin' fun Craig!

Since I'm taking Friday off, we ended up having our Sketchclub day today (Thursday). Hurry back, we missed you.

pascal said...

I just discovered your site and your work through that post you left on my blog.
I'm completely impressed by your work.
Impressed, inspired and very very happy that you actually LEFT a word on my blog!


Shuku said...

Marcelo! That's lovely! They do still use the same sort of stuff in Japanese manga nowadays, except I know it as 'tone' and there's more variety to it than just dots and gradations of shading.

Did something similar cartoonizing an icon once and nearly lost my eyeballs trying to get all those dots...


Anonymous said...

So what is going to happen with Sony animation? Are you guys going to be shut down or what? I hope not, I really want to see "Hotel Transylvania ". I wished you would just skip "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" it does not sound that interesting of a film. Plus I understand that there have been more than a few directors that have just gave up and left. The one movie with the dragon sounds really good to.

Jo Bling said...

Y'see, I'm such an old dog I'm bloody TERRIFIED of photoshop... new tricks? Grrrr.... Nice work, M!


Marcelo Vignali said...

Hey "Voice," are you my conscience?

We just had a meeting from the “higher ups,” and they assured us we aren’t going to be folding up our tents anytime soon. The studio is very happy with Surf’s Up; so they’re not that upset with the performance of our film. They understand that our release date is killing us right now.

Hotel T is going to be moving forward, and Cloudy is also moving forward.

Well, that’s what the “higher ups” told us for now. But in this industry, I’ve learned to take a wait an’ see.

Thanks for stopping by Pascal.

Shuku, I’m going to have to look at the Manga comics a little more closely. I don’t remember seeing Zipitone.

Jo, I’m an old dog too, but I’m trying to learn an some new tricks by making them as much like my old tricks. But, there’s nothing like

Marcelo Vignali said...

...REAL DRAWING! I just love watching an ink nib scratch the paper, or the feel of an prismacolor pencil on vellum.

Shuku said...

Marcelo, I might be mixing up two totally different things; they -look- similar to me and seem to do the same thing, but then again I'm probably dead wrong.

But you know? You just reminded me abruptly of printing processes and separation - my family business was printing and LORD I remember all those DOTS when I was reading up about it...


Anonymous said...

Very cool M. It has a great narative sense mixed with a little abstraction . Nice stuff .

Unknown said...

This is COOL!! Very POP ARTS-ish!

Milenko said...

Hehe. Once I worked with the guy who hated his job so much that every afternoon around 3 o'clock, he would walk out of the office and start walking away. He would walk for a while, desperately thinking about his family, mortgage and other stuff, until the weight of reality crashed him. Then he would turn around, walk back, sit behind his desk and do some work. Each afternoon after his walk, he would look miserable.
But each day, he walked a little bit further away.
Then one day, ha came to work happy.
That was the day he quit (here, you have to give 4 weeks notice).
That afternoon he went out for his walk and did not come back ever again.
I met him a couple of times afterwards, and he had lost weight, got some nice tan and seemed genuinely happy.
Lately, I've been taking little walks in the afternoon.
Anyhow, your nice little drawing brought back all those memories.
Cheers to you and your work,


Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I have seen Surf's Up.
It was really, really, really nice.
Mockumentary format worked, and characters and everything else looked awesome.
My kids loved it too.
You rock!
Cheers again.