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BROTHER BEAR character sketches

When I was working on Brother Bear for Walt Disney Feature Animation, part of my job as a freelancer for Disney was to design a world of characters. So, I sharpened my pencils, and drew up a bunch of different North American mammals, in this case the musk ox.

The drawings were, again, old-school. I drew these out and colored them with marker.


Surf's Up Props

Here's another prop from Surf's Up.

There was a scene during our film when our characters were going to be at a luau and banquet. The scene was storyboarded, a prop list was made, and we designed the props (and in some cases the props were painted and modeled in 3D), but the scene was later cut from the film. Even still, I thought it was a fun idea and a drawing worth sharing.

This little guy is playing a bamboo drum, similar to the PVC drums. Since the penguins already have flippers, the instrument would be easy to play. Watch this video to see how it would have sounded. Just click here to listen!

He also had bamboo chimes and coconut cymbals to accompany his drums.



Here's one from a few years ago...OK, a dozen years ago.

I was poking around my files and ran across a folder of old artwork. This image was drawn back in 1996, when Disney animation was still 2D and had just released Hunchback in the theaters, and Pixar's Toy Story was released on VHS.

This was drawn with graphite on ledger paper.