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OK, I feel terrible about this, but still trying to protect my images with a watermark. It probably won't make that much of a difference to someone with photoshop knowledge -- an easy fix -- but rather a nuisance to would-be bootleg printers.

OK, that disclaimer out of the way, here's an image of a figure done with marker on paper. I like it when the marker starts to dry out just a bit, because then it allows a little bit of modeling. I'm not as bold as Marcos Mateu! who can knock-out his beautiful sketches with a fully loaded marker. If Zorro had a drawing counterpart, it would be Marcos.


WARCRAFT packaging art

Over a year ago I did some packaging art for World of Warcraft. The package was released last summer, but I never got around to posting this. I was flattered that I was asked to do the cover illustration for the packaging art. It was very much like a jacket illustration. I had to accommodate the type, do a front and back cover, and added an image that would show up on the spine.

I ended up seeing the final printing of the package but wasn't that crazy about it, the knight's colors seemed blown out. Maybe it was just my print. That's the thing about printing, unless we're there to supervise it, we never really know how it's going to show up in print. Still, it was fun.

The characters are not my designs, but rather I was given game resolution-images of their existing designs to use as reference and embellished them in this illustration.


Hellboy Commission

I've never drawn Hellboy before, but have always been a big fan. I had a commission request -- and so I took a crack at it.

I didn't want to do go the Mignola approach, so I thought I would approach it from the aspect of, "What can I add to this character in order to make it recognizable as Hellboy, but my version of Hellboy?"