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My Artwork For Sale at...

My good friend Craig Harris has just started an online gallery that also makes periodic (brick and mortar) appearances throughout the Southland -- hence the name Nomad Gallery. He has invited me to participate as one of the featured artists in his gallery, so if you are interested in purchasing some of my artwork or just want to find out when the next show is going to happen (December 5th), please go to the Nomad Gallery.

I am selling a print of this faerie image, so please visit my friend Craig Harris at the Nomad Gallery.

Craig also has a tremendous roster of artists that reads like a who's-who in the animation industry's LA area.


This One's for MAC...

It's been a while, but MAC pestered me and eventually shamed me into posting something -- thanks bud!

I have to admit, I'm so old school I like drawing with the centuries old pen nib and ink. I trained this way years ago, and at one time in my various past lives as a freelance artist I used to do ink drawings for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate -- with my drawings appearing in over 52 newspapers throughout the country. But, that was back when Prince first crashed into the music scene, and Nintendo had just come out with their first games. So, as you can tell that was a long time ago.

But, let's face it, who wants old school illustrations -- right? So, I decided to push this drawing into the technological world of the 20th century and add a little color using my Wacom Tablet and Photoshop 7.0.