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reMIND, great comic by Jason Brubaker

When I was at the San Diego Comic Con I picked up Jason Brubaker's reMind, it has to be one of the freshest comics I've seen in a very long time. Jason's artwork and page layout are a refreshing cold glass of water in a tepid sea of status quo comics.

Jason Brubaker has the entire reMIND comic book posted on-line, but I suggest having a look, and then buying this comic. Even his approach to advertising his comic book is unconventional, he'll let you read the entire comic.


My Art Interview -- and my hidden boxing past...


I just did an interview with Rondal Scott at Fuel Your Illustration.

It's an interesting interview, Rondal asked me about my past in the sport of prize fighting. I came away from boxing with more than just scars and a couple broken noses -- I learned how to be a better artist. Imagine that?

You know me, I'm always more honest than I should be -- enjoy the interview.

By the way, this drawing is one I did for Brother Bear back in 1999. Yeah, I had to dig deep into the archives for this one.


Look at me....don't look at me!

Ever notice those people that cry out for attention, but when you look at them they're surprised that you're looking at them? This young gal had dyed her hair with blue streaks, yet when she caught me looking at her she became nervous and uncomfortable.