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Still More Faerie Doodles

Since I'm in the mode of posting faerie doodles, here's another another one.

A couple years back I thought I might end up working on a faerie world project, and so I had contemplated how I would design this world. The project ended up not going anywhere (and in the end dried up and went away), so the images of beautiful faeries were all bottled up in my mind...hence the doodles.

I added a little muted color in photoshop, but little faerie doodle is as it is.


Introducing PAUL WEE

Paul Wee is a tremedous artist, and he also happens to be one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Paul and I went to art school together, and shared a lot of the same teachers. At one point we even lived together in a really scary part of Los Angeles, heh-heh, I've got a few funny stories about the time we got broken-into, the dead body in the parking lot, and about the earthquake. Ah, the good old days. Paul and started our professional careers in the same studio, and used to carpool into work back in those days.

Fast forward 24 years later, Paul Wee now has a blog. Please stop by and say hello. Just click on Paul Wee to see his blog. I've also linked him on my site.


Another Faerie Doodle

Here's another doodle I found while cleaning my office. I thought it went nicely with the other faerie drawing I did, so I decided to post it. I was lazy, and didn't finish the wings -- but that's the beauty of doodles.

I went ahead and Photoshopped in some nice manilla paper, some texture, and some text, but the drawing is untouched and is as it appears on my paper. It was originally drawn in graphite, along with graphite smudges.

I normally draw with a piece of paper under my hand to keep me from smudging my artwork, and this doodle was drawn on that paper, that's why there are so many graphite smudges alongside the drawing.


Buy This Book!


My friend David Colman put a book together of many of his doodles, life drawings and animal sketches. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the character design and visual development (and, Bud Plant also recommends the book too). You can find the book on the web at Bud Plant, or at David's site. That's right, go to David's Doodles to buy this book.

David and I worked together on Sony Pictures Animation's Open Season and Surf's Up. He's a tremendous talent.


Cleaning Out The Office

I was cleaning out my office because they are moving me to another office just a few doors down from where I was. I'm really happy with the room because this room has so much light.

As I was cleaning my office, I came across a ton of doodle sketches I've done. Some for work -- others for play. I thought I would go ahead and post this one I did of a little faerie. I kept the fold across the drawing (rather than Photoshop it out) because it authenticates this doodle.

Never underestimate the power of the doodle. I once had colleague confess to me that he never doodles because he only draws when he gets paid. After which, he plummeted in my esteem. My view of him was later verified when I had the chance to work with him and found his talents only technical – with very little imagination.

For those that want to become visual development artists (or better put, visual problem solvers), it is imperative to doodle. Without doodles an artist cannot cultivate the fertile soils of his/her imagination, but instead will be left to toil in weeds of their self made desert.