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My friend David Colman put a book together of many of his doodles, life drawings and animal sketches. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the character design and visual development (and, Bud Plant also recommends the book too). You can find the book on the web at Bud Plant, or at David's site. That's right, go to David's Doodles to buy this book.

David and I worked together on Sony Pictures Animation's Open Season and Surf's Up. He's a tremendous talent.


Piotr said...

i have this book right next to my laptop, it's wonderful!!!

Shuku said...

I am going to have to get hold of this somehow. There goes my hopes of not blowing a book budget this year, but...but...BOOKS!

Book Addicts Anonymous

David Colman said...

M- I am truly honored w/this post. Thank you for contributing your wonderful words to the book too..Thats right everybody, Marcelo wrote a testimonial for the back cover of the book