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Conversation with the "Creator" chat at CTN EXPO notes

Todd Hampson has a wonderful blog called Timbuktoon. Todd was also one of the people that attended my "Conversation with the Creator" sit-in chat at the CTN Expo -- and he took lots of notes. If you're intersted in some of the topics we discussed, go and check it out.


Hotel Transylvania: coming soon in 2012

Well, Sony has finally started to show some of the artwork related to our next family feature film, Hotel Transylvania! Or, as we commonly refer to it, Hotel T.

This is the movie I've been working on...throughout the various iterations. I started working on a different version of this film right after Surf's Up, it's taken this long to find the right story. As the production designer for this project, I'm looking forward to showing some of the amazing artwork we've been creating -- I'm really proud of my crew.

The castle in this image was designed by Luc Desmarchelier and painted by the very talented Joty Man Lam. The character design for Mavis was done by Annette Marnat .

See you at the CTN Expo this weekend! Look me up in the schedule, I'll be there all three days.


From the Dusty Vignali Vault

Here's an oldie that's been collecting dust in the Vignali vault!

I think I drew this one for Disney's Atlantis, sometime in 1997. I was splitting my time between Atlantis, and Emperor's New Groove. Only then it was called Kingdom of the Sun.

Just to let everyone know, I'll be at the CTN EXPO! I'll be there November 18-20. Hope to see you there. I'll be posting about it soon.


Comikaze Expo Proof Sketches

Here's a couple sketches I drew on some Magic proofs. Sandy, the proud owner of these two sketches held them up for a picture. One of Lilo & Stitch, and the other of a faerie.

The Comikaze Expo is surprisingly large and well run -- for this being their first year. Come by and check it out.


I'll be at the COMIKAZE EXPO this weekend!

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I'll be at the Comickaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend (November 5-6, 2011). I'll be signing prints, cards, booklets, and drawing commission sketches. You can find me in Artists Alley, at booth 99!

Just click: Comickaze Expo

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reMIND, great comic by Jason Brubaker

When I was at the San Diego Comic Con I picked up Jason Brubaker's reMind, it has to be one of the freshest comics I've seen in a very long time. Jason's artwork and page layout are a refreshing cold glass of water in a tepid sea of status quo comics.

Jason Brubaker has the entire reMIND comic book posted on-line, but I suggest having a look, and then buying this comic. Even his approach to advertising his comic book is unconventional, he'll let you read the entire comic.


My Art Interview -- and my hidden boxing past...


I just did an interview with Rondal Scott at Fuel Your Illustration.

It's an interesting interview, Rondal asked me about my past in the sport of prize fighting. I came away from boxing with more than just scars and a couple broken noses -- I learned how to be a better artist. Imagine that?

You know me, I'm always more honest than I should be -- enjoy the interview.

By the way, this drawing is one I did for Brother Bear back in 1999. Yeah, I had to dig deep into the archives for this one.


Look at me....don't look at me!

Ever notice those people that cry out for attention, but when you look at them they're surprised that you're looking at them? This young gal had dyed her hair with blue streaks, yet when she caught me looking at her she became nervous and uncomfortable.


Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

Sadly, we all knew this day was coming.

For a while I remember thinking Amy Winehouse should get her life together so she can get back to singing. But, as she continued to spiral out of control, I remember thinking she should just get her life together so she can get back to the land of the living.

Even the late night jokes stopped when everyone realized how much danger she was in. It's like we were all watching her die right in front of us, but no one could save her from herself.

In her short life, Amy made a profound impact in the music industry. Few singers are able to transcend the medium of their vocals and allow their voice to become an instrument -- Amy did that -- combined with the raw passion and heartfelt emotion she poured into her music, fans loved her for it.

The great Tuna Bora also did a tribute.



This is the first page for the comic I've been working on. It's part of a larger project that the Sony artists are contributing towards. The project is called the Exquisite Corpse, as per an old Victorian parlor game in which people contribute only a part to a larger drawing -- without being able to see the drawing in its entirety. However, the actual title of the comic book remains undecided. I guess we'll have a better idea when all the contributers turn in their pages.

I've already turned in my eight page story, and so I thought I would post page one. Lia Abbate had the story right before me, and she picked the theme with faeries. Since I love the subject of the faerie world, I decided to go along with her last panel. I soon realized I was drawing my own daughters, as they ended up being the inspiration for the characters. The name of my story is Awakening.


Introducing Fil Barlow!

My friend and mentor, Fil Barlow, has finally gotten off his bony butt and created a blog, and a Deviantart page.

Ever wonder who created Zooniverse? Ever wonder who created the look for the cartoon version of Alf, the animated Starship Troopers, the animated Godzilla, Tutenstein, Igor, Chronicals of Riddick, Heavy Gear, Extreme Ghost Busters, The Real Ghost Busters, the X Files, Eight Crazy Nights? Look no further than Fil Barlow.

Fil is Australian born, and he is the creator of his own comic books, a publisher of his own magazine, a gallery painter, a character designer, a puppet designer and a puppeteer. Fil is also a 2D animation artist, as well as a CG modeler! He's a literal renaissance man, and perhaps one of the most sincere and genuine people in the business.

When I first saw Fil's Zooniverse comic book, I was hooked, and I knew then I wanted to work with him. However, when he showed up in America, I was surprised to discover he was only a couple years older than I was! Imagine, he published Zooniverse when he was only 24 years old!

We worked together at DIC Entertainment in the late 1980s, and he's been my mentor and friend ever since. Please welcome, Fil Barlow.


I'll be at the Combine Prerelease for Magic 2012!

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Yeah, you heard right, 2012! Just to let everyone know, I'll be at the Radisson LAX on 6225 W Century Blvd this coming Saturday, July 9th, 2011. It's a Sunmesa sponsored event, and it's a prerelease for Magic 2012.

This is a Magic prerelease and tournament. I've never been to one of these events, so it should be interesting to see all the gamers duel it out.

Click this LINK to get more information on this event.

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Hop-Scotch Ghost

I drew this for a Christmas gift exchange at work. Why? I have no idea. I guess it just popped into my brain that that moment.

Of all the people that could have gotten the gift, it turns out Glenn Harmon (my good friend and carpool buddy) won it! Good thing I didn't show it to him before hand! Sheesh, I would have spoiled the surprise.



I'm sorry for not posting in a while - I guess things have gotten pretty hectic lately. Regardless, here's a recent sketch I did at Sketchclub.

Yep, the temperatures are rising, here in here come the hot-pants. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of this skinny girl to fill out her hot-pants.


Anaheim Comic Con Update...


Just to let everyone know, I'll be at table 1114 this weekend at the Ahaheim Comic Con! I'll have prints, and a convention sketchbook for sale. I'll also be signing proofs, doing commission sketches, and talking with all of you.



For those of you interested, I'll be appearing at the comic con in Anaheim the weekend of April 29th-May 1st!

Wizard Entertainment has invited me to participate at this year's Anaheim Comic Convention, and I'll be signing my gaming card illustrations, as well as having original art, doing commission sketches, selling prints, and also offering my first convention sketchbook.

In this sketchbook, you'll find thirty-two pages of sketches related to my gaming card illustration work, preliminary sketches, and other fantasy themed sketches - such as faeries.

For those of you that can't make it to the convention, I'll be selling these sketchbooks on-line -- after the event. However, I'm going to be adding a convention exclusive to make it an incentive to come out and visit with me. I haven't figured out what that item will be yet -- but I have a few ideas.

Just to let you know, I don't have my booth number yet, I'll post it when I get it. I hope to see you all there!


The Drawing Contest...

OK, here's a couple from an entire series of humorous cat sketches.

After my back surgery, my nine year old daughter and I sat around the table and had a drawing contest. We both started drawing cats, and she drew me right under the table! Her drawings were hilarious (I'll have to post some of her drawings). I was drawing one for every three of hers!

After which, I continued with the theme of cats and filled a sketchbook with ridiculous cat drawings.

Maybe a father/daughter book?


More Faeries...

Here's another faerie image.

I'm currently putting together a short comic book story with faeries, and I'm also compiling a bunch of faerie development sketches for a small sketchbook.


Luis Vignali RIP

I just want to let everyone know, my father Luis Vignali, passed away on February 12th of this year. It's one of those inevitable days every child dreads, but arrives nonetheless.

Dad was born in Buenos Aries in 1935, and then moved to the US in 1959. But, in 2004 he moved back to beloved country of Argentina.

I want to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. For those interested, you can see a photo montage of my dad's life on Vimeo. And, yes, you can see me in a few pictures. There's a few baby picturess, and a picture of me sleeping on his back, way back in 1967.

Click this LINK to check out the 10 minute video.

Oh, by the way, this picture was taken of my father in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1959.


My Comic Book Story

Yes, I'm doing a short comic book story. And, this is one of the panels from my story.

The artists here at Sony Pictures Animation are doing a comic book project, much like the books the other studios are creating, such as "Who is Rocket Johnson."

This is not a Sony sponsored idea, but rather put together by the artists -- with each of the artists putting together their own eight page stories. So, my story is about a little Pixie.

I'll have more information for you as we get close to the publishing date. So, enjoy this sneak preview!


Distorted Reality

This one is from a while back. I was drawing the figure from life, and adding watercolor, all within the five minute mark. And, I was trying to create some distorted proportions to see what would happen.


Nuther one...

Yes, I know, the JPG is also very small, but this is all I've got left of these images.

Graphite on ledger paper, circa 2001.


Happy New Year! 2011

I was poking around some old artwork and I found this one. I don't have a larger file of it, or I'd post it. I remember the detail in this piece was a lot of fun -- especially the table with all the food.

The original for this piece was drawn on velum, for a project that went no where -- from my drawing table to some dusty old vault in some undisclosed place in Burbank, I would imagine. I'm guessing I drew this about ten or eleven years ago.

I've got some other files from this project I can post, but unfortunately they're all about this size. These small jpg files are all I have left in terms of copies.