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Introducing Fil Barlow!

My friend and mentor, Fil Barlow, has finally gotten off his bony butt and created a blog, and a Deviantart page.

Ever wonder who created Zooniverse? Ever wonder who created the look for the cartoon version of Alf, the animated Starship Troopers, the animated Godzilla, Tutenstein, Igor, Chronicals of Riddick, Heavy Gear, Extreme Ghost Busters, The Real Ghost Busters, the X Files, Eight Crazy Nights? Look no further than Fil Barlow.

Fil is Australian born, and he is the creator of his own comic books, a publisher of his own magazine, a gallery painter, a character designer, a puppet designer and a puppeteer. Fil is also a 2D animation artist, as well as a CG modeler! He's a literal renaissance man, and perhaps one of the most sincere and genuine people in the business.

When I first saw Fil's Zooniverse comic book, I was hooked, and I knew then I wanted to work with him. However, when he showed up in America, I was surprised to discover he was only a couple years older than I was! Imagine, he published Zooniverse when he was only 24 years old!

We worked together at DIC Entertainment in the late 1980s, and he's been my mentor and friend ever since. Please welcome, Fil Barlow.


Michael Dooney said...

Wow, he must be an old soul...because when I first saw the Zooniverse I just assumed he was some popular hot shot European artist I had never heard of before ;)
Thanks for the info, I've often wondered where he ended up after ZVerse.

Bob Nelson said...

Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing

Chris Bivins said...

Awesome, another veteran artist to pull inspiration from. Fil has some amazing designs and beautiful drawings. He's worked on some of my favorite shows as a kid. Definitely a goldmine source for artist of all calibers. Thanks for sharing Marcelo.


benjamin trobat -cartoonist- said...

super marcello cool man

Brett Bean said...

oooh yeah, thanks for the heads up on Fil!