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Postcard from Argentina

As mentioned before, I like to play the postcard game. This is where I send hand drawn postcards to my artist friends, with the hope they will reciprocate in kind. It's a way to collect art and share art with friends in a fun and playful way. I figured I'm usually doodling anyway when I travel, why not do it on a 4X6 card and mail it.

I guess I'm an art nerd, I have to admit I get exited to see how these little pieces of art travel, to their destinations -- sometimes with smudges and creases. And, sometimes, they just don't make it! (I guess the mail man is playing the postcard game too.)

So, naturally, while I was in Buenos Aries, Argentina, I managed to drop off a few cards to some friends. This card went to my good friend, and talented artist, Noelle Triaureau!

I'll try and post some of the other cards when I get copies.


Brother Bear Concepts for Humans

These images were created for Brother Bear.

I had been charged with the task of creating some concept sketches for the animals in this world, as well as some of the humans. In this case here I've drawn one of the younger human members of a hunting party.

This was interesting because when I drew this image the Disney Studio remarked that they were interested in the graphic nature of the skin cape, as well as the uniqueness of the bone goggles. I was looking forward to seeing something like that in the final film -- but it was not to be.

Part of my job here was to do as much research as possible about the stone age implements, tools and tailored hide clothing. So, in that regard, the clothing, stitching, and crafting of tools was very accurate. But, the Inuit make really elaborate outfits, but I had to actually draw them in a more primitive manner so as to fit the feel the studio was looking for.

When I was doing research the bulkiness of the clothing was one of the things that stood out to me, as well as the way in which the leather skins tended to fold -- being that the fur was kept on the inside of the clothing.

All but the top drawing were drawn with Prisma Pencil on newsprint. It looks to me as though that one may have been drawn on vellum.

Obviously, all of these are drawn without models -- this is where figure drawing and sketching in public really pays off.