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Exclusive Surf's Up Artwork

This is fairly recent artwork for the soon-to-be-released animated feature, Surf's Up. You won't find this image in the Surf's Up book!

This image didn't make it to the book, but a colored version of this image is printed on page 105. The image in the book is the final image that was used for design, but the image I'm posting here is the original pencil drawing I did for the concept. I was asked to remove the tiki totems for the final, and there were some other alterations. If you have the book, you can compare the two images.



Check it out, the Making-Of book for Surf's Up is finally here, and not a moment too soon because the film's release is right around the corner. Coming at you on June 8th!

As some of you may or may not know, I was one of the two art directors for the picture. As art directors, I handled the designs while Ron Lukas managed the color. And, if I may say so, this is one of the best looking films I've had the privilege of working on.

In terms of looks, I think our film is perhaps one of the best-looking CG films since Finding Nemo. Hopefully you'll see for yourself when the film comes out. The story is pretty funny too, and the "reality TV/surfing documentary" approach is a fresh way to present an animated film.

The book has a ton of great looking visual development artwork, featuring artists like "yours truly," Paul Lasaine, Ron Lukas, Armand Serrano, Marcos Mateu, Joty Lam, Noelle Triaureau, Richie Chavez, Sylvain Deboissy. Also, lots of story sketches and CG models and renders.

The people, who put this book together, are the same group that put together the Open Season making-of book. So, that should give you an idea about the quality of this book. Again, like the Open Season book, it's got lots of stickers, pullouts, accordion folds, and post cards.

If you're interested, just click on this Surf's Up link.


A new post on Sketchclub

Here's the latest Sketchclub victim.

Whadda character. Stop by and visit SKETCHCLUB to see how our memory drawings compare.


I have posted at Sketchclub

Yes, I know, it's been a while, but I have posted my memory sketch at our Sketchclub blog...along with Sketchclub's newest member, Craig Harris.

Stop by and visit SKETCHCLUB to see how our memory drawings compare.


Wakening Close Up

Alright, and here's a close up look at the detail.

I know...most of this small detail stuff is lost on the small card, but hopefully it makes the card interesting enough that kids will get their noses close enough to see some of the information. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.

I surprised myself by how well the bears turned out. After having drawn bears for Brother Bear for Disney, and then more bears for Sony's Open Season, I've gotten to know the structure of bears pretty well. So, I just "winged" the bears from memory.

By the way, this image I'm posting is taken from my actual illustration. Yes, I know, it's much darker than the printed version. I painted it darker, but unbeknownst to me someone at the Warcraft studio made the decision to lighten the image when it went to print. Personally, I like it better darker because it makes the image more mysterious. It also makes the focus of the image much clearer.


The Relics of Wakening

Here's another card I did for Warcraft. I'm putting up the German version because it's closer in color to the original, verses the card in English.

Here's a little insight into my process:
When I got the asignment, I was a little intimidated by the scope. I had to paint an elf and pet wolf inside a cavern, surrounded by giant bear-like furbolgs. The object of the card is overwhelming odds -- but the elf and wolf are up for the challenge. The text described the situation as a "sea of furbolgs." (That's a lot of painting!)

I typically start my assignments by sketching my first impression. Once I drew this composition -- with all it's complexities -- I realized this was the one to paint.



Ladies and gentlemen, Sergio Martinez has a blog!

Please stop by and visit with Sergio, he's one of my favorite illustrators. His style, mood and classy images are second to none. I've got a bunch of his illustrated children's books.

Just click on Sergio Martinez to see this blog.


Dwarf Close Up

For those of you interested, here's a close up of the Dwarf I painted for World Of Warcraft.


Interesting Link

Hey, check out this link my friend Paul Wee sent me. It's a web site with an interactive anatomical reference model.

Each anatomical model can be rotated around as though it were on a spinning table.

Just click on Pose Maniacs to see this blog.


New Warcraft Illustrations

Here are a couple of images I did for Warcraft. If you collect the cards, or play the game, you might already own a few.

These are currently on sale now in the Dark Portal card game campaign.

I have to admit I don't play the card game, or play the computer game. I did play Warcraft II years ago, and that was hugely entertaining, but in Warcraft III the game changed and it wasn't the same. I've been wanting to find a Warcraft II game that will play on my OS 10.4.8. Maybe some of you know where I can find it. I would think it might get bundled with other Mac games.

The second image was a pretty odd illustration assignment. I had to paint a dwarf enjoying some grog. So, I thought it would be funny to make it look like a beer ad. I love my job, where else can I paint a beer ad for dwarves? I did a couple more illustrations that I'll be posting soon. I'm saving the best for last.